David ‘Bhakti’ Gotlieb oversees both of these practices and supervises all the counsellors within Counselling Southern Highlands and Counselling Northern Beaches all of whom use Healing Inner Conflict as means of giving the client tangible results internally and externally in a relatively short timeframe.

Healing Inner Conflict (HIC) provides a simple and effective method of being able to deal with inner and outer conflicts, HIC offers you, in a very short period of time, a way to intervene internally in an effective way to bring about real change externally. Bhakti has been teaching HIC Principles at National and International Conferences for over ten years.

Bhakti has a huge breadth of experience spanning 40 years in counselling men, women, adolescents and couples and developed Healing Inner Conflict (HIC) a simple and highly effective Counselling Modality that he has presented at Counselling Conferences Nationally and Internationally as well as having many articles on HIC published in Counselling Journals both here and overseas.

The result is a sustainable way to deal with disturbing behaviours, whether they are your own or those around you. His e-book ‘Healing Inner Conflict’ is derived from 30 years of experience which delivered this modality that he has developed over the last ten years. 

David ‘Bhakti’ Gotlieb


The Boolwey Centre
10a Boolwey St (upstairs between tea & toy shops)
Bowral NSW 2576

Jillian Mercieca

Jillian Mercieca

Jillian holds a Diploma of Counselling and is a proud member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling. She currently is applying herself to major studies in an Introduction to Expressive Therapies, Relationship Counselling & Conflict Resolution & Child Development & Effective parenting as well as Healing Inner Conflict Principles. She feels very passionate to work with her clients in a way that is best suited for the individual in order for them to benefit in the best way possible. She values and supports wellbeing and maintains her business to the highest level of standards as possible. Read more


Suite 8, 646 Pittwater Rd
(in between Boarders and Mimmo’s)
Brookvale NSW 2100

Sven Wouters

Sven Wouters

Sven holds a Bachelor Degree in Counselling and a Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Therapy. He has worked at South Pacific Private Hospital, Non-Government Community Services, Bpsych and works extensively with Employment Assistance Program. He specialises in  Relationship issues, Men's Mental Health, Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress, Grief and Loss as well as working with adolescents. He has a special interest in Gender issues, anxiety and suicidality. Read more


“I have been working with David over the past two years in what has been a very turbulent time in my life. David has supported me, guided me allowed me a safe space in which to express myself while feeling very comfortable. His ability to explain old behaviour patterning and offer effective and long lasting methods of dealing with them have allowed me a more effective way of living my life especially with my family.
From the benefits I have gained and been able to use in my daily life I have recommended patients of mine as I believe that with any physical ailment there is always an emotional elements that is waiting to be healed. I have only had positive feedback from the patients that I have referred.”

“I have been working with Jillian for the past 5 years. She has helped me with a compassionate heart, some home truths and very practical tools to guide me through, being bullied at work, mother issues, being made redundant and unsure of what direction to take, especially when covid hit and I had no way of earning an income. Most recently she has provided support when I learnt I had breast cancer …”
Megan Charles

“I have worked with David on and off over the past 5 years and he has been able to teach me how to deal with both internal and external conflicts. What’s unique about what he does is that he show’s me how to interact in a very tangible way with the parts of me that do things that feel disturbing. I haven’t known what to do about that up until now. He’s very easy to work with has an amazing ability to be present and to read not only what is said verbally but also what the body is trying to say and use both as keys to access the parts of me that need healing. He helps me understand stuff that has been confusing and frustrating me for years.”
Yoga Teacher

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