Jillian holds a Diploma of Counselling and is a proud member of the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling. She currently is applying herself to major studies in an Introduction to Expressive Therapies, Relationship Counselling & Conflict Resolution & Child Development & Effective parenting as well as Healing Inner Conflict Principles. She feels very passionate to work with her clients in a way that is best suited for the individual in order for them to benefit in the best way possible. She values and supports wellbeing and maintains her business to the highest level of standards as possible.

I have been working with Jillian for the past 5 years. She has helped me with a compassionate heart, some home truths and very practical tools to guide me through, being bullied at work, mother issues, being made redundant and unsure of what direction to take, especially when covid hit and I had no way of earning an income. Most recently she has provided support when I learnt I had breast cancer.

Jillian’s guidance has gotten me through some dark days and provided light and support when I just couldn’t find it within myself. She has made asking for help easy so that now when I need it most I am not afraid to ask my family and friends to provide me with the love and support I require to get me through my toughest obstacle in life.

I’ve also learnt that the first step is usually the hardest but from me to you, it will be worth it. If any of this resonates, then Jillian is the right counsellor for you. 
Megan Charles

I recommend Jill whole heartedly. She has helped my partner and I in more ways than I can express. She has helped me find my voice again and gain confidence. Thank you for making me so comfortable.

I highly recommend Jill, she’s very compassionate, comforting, positive and friendly, made me feel so comfortable and supported. Her space is also very beautiful and peaceful. Cannot wait for my next session with her ❤️

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