Healing Inner Conflict success curing ulcerative colitis in less than 6 sessions, interviewed by David “Bhakti” Gotlieb.

“I have been working with Jillian for the past 5 years. She has helped me with a compassionate heart, some home truths and very practical tools to guide me through, being bullied at work, mother issues, being made redundant and unsure of what direction to take, especially when covid hit and I had no way of earning an income. Most recently she has provided support when I learnt I had breast cancer.

Jillian’s guidance has gotten me through some dark days and provided light and support when I just couldn’t find it within myself. She has made asking for help easy so that now when I need it most I am not afraid to ask my family and friends to provide me with the love and support I require to get me through my toughest obstacle in life.

I’ve also learnt that the first step is usually the hardest but from me to you, it will be worth it. If any of this resonates, then Jillian is the right counsellor for you.”
Megan Charles

“I have been working with David over the past two years in what has been a very turbulent time in my life. David has supported me, guided me allowed me a safe space in which to express myself while feeling very comfortable. His ability to explain old behaviour patterning and offer effective and long lasting methods of dealing with them have allowed me a more effective way of living my life especially with my family.
From the benefits I have gained and been able to use in my daily life I have recommended patients of mine as I believe that with any physical ailment there is always an emotional elements that is waiting to be healed. I have only had positive feedback from the patients that I have referred.”

“It wasn’t until 18 months ago that, after 15 years of silence, I finally came face to face with my 16 year-long eating disorder. It is thanks to the invaluable support and guidance of David that today, I am writing this testimonial sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, eating cake – and actually enjoying it! At my last weighing, I was a healthy 52 kilos and I felt comfortable with my new, more feminine shape. I have an exciting, new job and I have moved into a new home. My life has turned around in a way that didn’t imagine possible – and increasingly, I have moments of happiness that I haven’t felt for years.”

“After over 5 decades of suffering with the constant, underlying pain of self doubt and emotional roller coaster rides planted by my parents, I have finally been released from the pain as a result of my work with David. I also now own the tools I need for understanding and defusing future emotional crisis’. I can now live in a different kind of life – one of feeling good about myself!
Throughout our work together, I have been able to feel safe as I tell all of my deepest fears. Bhakti Das is a compassionate, honest, intelligent, and consummate professional.”
Claudia, Seattle USA

“I have worked with David on and off over the past 5 years and he has been able to teach me how to deal with both internal and external conflicts. What’s unique about what he does is that he show’s me how to interact in a very tangible way with the parts of me that do things that feel disturbing. I haven’t known what to do about that up until now. He’s very easy to work with has an amazing ability to be present and to read not only what is said verbally but also what the body is trying to say and use both as keys to access the parts of me that need healing. He helps me understand stuff that has been confusing and frustrating me for years.”
Yoga Teacher

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