Rain, Relationships and Retirement

Mar 22, 2021

After so much rain, you may find tempers flaring and frustration rising. Healing Inner Conflict (HIC) principles can be used as a basis for dealing with issues of relationship conflict. Unhelpful defence mechanisms that have developed over years of sadness and frustration hinder intimacy in our relationships. Therefore, in adult life, when all that is required is to simply grieve whatever is going on, the upcoming sadness is perceived, in a child-like context, as completely overwhelming and to be avoided at all cost. Of course, the problem is that the cost is usually our inability to lead an emotionally independent life or to develop true intimacy in relationships due to the insensitive behaviours that pop out as a defence mechanism. Healing the Inner Conflict allows individuals to let go of defence mechanisms and start communicating effectively. Communicating openly within the relationship opens space for new opportunities. And speaking of new opportunities, I am retiring. By August I will be introducing my current clients to HIC trained counsellors. While I will continue to supervise, I will be taking time for new adventures and some much-needed rest. You will be able to stay in contact with myself and contact my colleagues via the website. Stay safe and be well.

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